Stone Deaf FX EP-1 Expression Pedal

Maker: Stone Deaf FX

Model: EP-1

Condition: New



xpress yourself with the EP-1, the ultimate accessory for our pedals. Designed to work with all of our  pedals it will take them to the next tonal level. One of the coolest things about this basic accessory is that you can use it for wah, phaser or tone control with our overdrives and distortions but then revert back to a pre-defined setting using the frequency knob on the side of the EP-1. This allows you to tailor it so its the same as the frequency control knob on the master pedal, say for instance a PDF-2 or a Tremotron.

You can also use it to control the rate of assignable controls on our delay and tremolo pedals as well.

Type: Expression

Vendor: Stone Deaf FX

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