Satellite Amplifiers Fogcutter Distortion/Clean Boost

Maker: Satellite Amplifiers

Model: Fogcutter Distortion/Clean Boost

Condition: New



The Fogcutter pedal is a combo distortion or clean boost. 

The Fogcutter is the culmination of many years of experimenting with different distortion circuits, to try and bring out the best sounding distortion we have ever encountered. 

The controls are Gain, three position switch, and Volume. The three controls consist of two distortions (one more vintage utilizing some very rare germanium diodes, the other more modern and crunchy), and one clean boost position. 

The pedal operates on a 9v wall wart (minimum 100mA), or can be run with an internal battery (supplied).

Bottom plate is removable to swap batteries.

The all steel enlosure is made just for us, and is one of the most durable foot pedals we have ever seen. Powder coated for longer life. The switch portion is ramped for ease of switching.



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