ProAnalog Devices Power Driver V2

Maker: ProAnalog Devices

Model: Power Driver V2

Condition: New 


ProAnalog Devices Power Driver V2

Inspired by the vintage Colorsound Power Boost

Clean Boost / Overdrive / High Gain guitar effects pedal

ProAnalog guitar effects pedals have long been coveted by guitar players who crave killer tone. The Power Driver is a redesign of the classic Colorsound Power Boost pedal popularized by Jeff Beck. This stomp box can be dialed in to feed anything from a respectable Clean Boost to mild Overdrive and even over the top Gain right into the input of your tube guitar amplifier for tone so good it will make the hairs on your arms and neck stand up. The louder your crank it the better it gets. But thanks to some excellent circuit tweaking and workmanship, this pedal can be used to improve your sound at bedroom and recording volumes as well. Does your tone suck when you turn down? Well, thanks to the ProAnalog Powerdriver that will no longer be an issue.

Only the finest new and NOS components are used in the creation of these 100% hand-made stomp boxes for absolute best sound quality. Due to the rarity of vintage BC series silicon transistors, production is extremely limited and ProAnalog Devices are often very difficult to find- 

Features of the PowerDriver Clean Boost / High Gain Overdrive from Pro Analog

·       100% hand-made in the USA

·       Vintage BC series silicon transistors

·       Gain / Treble / Bass / Level controls

·       LED

·       Battery or 9VDC (center negative) power

Guitar effects pedals from ProAnalog Devices have been used by players like:

·       David Grissom

·       Rich Robinson

·       Marc Ford

·       Peter Stroud

·       Billy F Gibbons

    Type: Overdrive

    Vendor: ProAnalog

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