3Leaf Audio Proton V3 Envelope Filter *limited edition*

Maker: 3Leaf Audio

Model: Proton V3 Envelope Filter

Condition: New



**Limited edition**

Get in touch with your funky side.

The Proton is a dynamic envelope filter tuned to evoke the vibe of the classic Mutron III. It is highly touch-sensitive and has a full-range output that sounds great on any instrument. 

A simple control layout makes it easy to dial in everything from smooth and subtle to wet and juicy. The gain knob controls the sensitivity of the envelope detector circuit. The peak knob controls the resonance, or 'wetness' of the filter sweep. There are range and sweep sweep direction switches, and a decay speed knob that allows fine control over the speed of the filter.

The Proton comes in a custom steel enclosure and features a soft-touch relay true bypass system that automatically switches to bypass in the event of a power failure. It uses a standard 9v DC center-negative supply (not included).


New features for v3:

Tone knob for fine control over the filter sweep.

Increased sensitivity range for better compatibility with low-output instruments.

Phase-correct output for predictable use in blend pedal signal chains.

Footprint: 64 x 118 mm

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