Electrical Guitar Company EGC500 Red

$3,899.00 USD

Maker: Electrical Guitar Company

Model: EGC500

Condition: New



**new  redesigned 7075 aluminum version**

The EGC500 was conceived for Steve Albini. He is an avid TB500 player, so we set out to make a guitar that would withstand the abuse that the original (nor any guitar, really) was never intended to endure. We started with an alder body and our core EGC neck through and added a period-correct aluminum chrome plated bridge receiver with chrome plated brass saddles. As Steve had done for his TB500 after he broke it in half, we anchored the entire guitar to a massive aluminum resonator plate, which made it essentially unbreakable. The EGC500 was designed with balanced reverse wound/reverse polarity neck and bridge EGC single coil pickups with ALNICO 5 slugs, so you get the immense clarity that this model was meant to have. This clarity affords you the option of going from beautiful to incredibly harsh tones. 

The jack is front loaded and the rear plate is powder coated with an industrial wrinkle black finish to prevent buckle rash. The original control configuration for the EGC500 is: 1 master volume knob, 1 master tone knob and 3-way switching,.