MJM Effects has been around for more than a decade making hand made, high build-quality pedals. The pedals are clones of old classics like treble boosters, germanium and silicon transistor fuzzes and some Hendrix stuff like the Roctavious made with the goal of making these long since out of reach pedals available at non-vintage prices. 

“I think most boutique builders put a lot of attention into quality, because if they don’t, they won’t last long in this business. I like to stand behind every pedal that I make, so I have to make sure they are the best they can be before they leave my workbench. When I finish a pedal and test it, I have to ask myself ‘Would I buy this?’” - MJM founder Michael Milcetic

With over 5000 of his creations in use around the world he seems to be doing things right.

 Hand made in Montreal, Canada

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