Jext TELEZ Range Lord Rangemaster Red

Maker: Jext Telez

Model: Range Lord Red

Condition: New 


**rare Mullard Red Jacket germanium**

The Rangemaster circuit is the perfect way to experience the best of what a germanium transistor can offer.  In our experience crafting Rangemasters with germanium transistors, these Gold Saucers are the highest standard of balanced tone meets distortion.  Like fine wines, fine 1967 Wahs, fine 1959 Bassman amps, etc...  The balance is perfect from top to bottom, rich low mids that are rich sounding not because of an over-abundance but because of how flat the response of the transistor truly is.  They are revealing.  Add to that equalization a gorgeous break-up and saturation-- class that defines prestigious tone, and you have a classic Rangemaster-- bettering most in depth, richness and attitude.   

    Type: Overdrive

    Vendor: Jext Telez

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