Greer Amps Peacemaker Distortion

Maker: Greer Amps

Model: Peacemaker Dual Class A Transistor Distortion

Condition: New 



The Peacemaker is a dual class A transistor distortion device…but it’s so much more!  With a wide range of sweep in the Preamp control, the Peacemaker can be anything from a boost to a grunt machine!  Classic stack tone drips from the Peacemaker…and if you need a ton of boost…well, that’s there too!  This pedal was built by Greer Amps from 1998 to 2005.  Due to the numerous requests for us to bring it back, it’s back…in a slightly smaller, more pedalboard friendly package, with some slight revisions to the circuit.  If you’re looking for a pedal with character, that LOVES stacking with other drives, the Peacemaker is it!

Type: Distortion

Vendor: Greer Amps

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