Fuzzrocious Pedals Demon King with Gate Boost & Octave Jawn Mods

Maker: Fuzzrocious Pedals

Model: Demon King w/Gate Boost & Octave Jawn Mods (digital octave up & down)

Condition: New



Let’s get this “jawn” thing out of the way…
Back in the day (aka 2002ish), we in the greater Philadelphia region adopted a word called “jawn.” Basically, jawn can be used a stand-in word for ANYTHING. For example, if you want someone to hand you a paper towel, you might say, “Bruh, can you hand me that jawn over there?
Try it. Just put “jawn” in place of whatever you want.

So, let’s get to the pedal. Octave Jawn is a digital octaver specifically made to track faster than many other digital octavers on the market. It is fully polyphonic, meaning that it can track chords, unlike an analog octaver that only (sometimes) tracks single notes.


Our pedal, The Demon, got pissed and evolved into something else! The Demon King delivers the gate/boost mod and a feedback loop to create one incredible dirt pedal. The feedback loop is semi-tunable to a note and can bring your instrument to brink of pseudo-ring mod/bit crushing without all the glonk and clank. It's one weird pedal! Like on its little brother, The Demon, the gate/boost mod allows you to take a simple OD into new territories. The Demon King can do minimal low to medium-high gain. 

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