Fuzzhugger Suneater

Maker: Fuzzhugger

Model: Suneater

Condition: New


Description: Super unique mega-textured chewy fuzz that sticks to your notes, with a slight hint of octave that add to an occasional layered fuzz effect! The Consume knob takes you from sticky single notes to a more classic and open roar! Adds a bit of a lag with chords, especially on higher gain settings. Not a gated fuzz. It can be set for boxy and more chord-friendly stuff...or for more single-note use, with those sort of bit-crushed and slightly lagged tones.

 Consume: As you turn right, the intensity of effect and gain increases. Turn left for more open tones and a more chord-friendly voicing!
• Level: Your master Volume control.

    Type: Fuzz

    Vendor: Fuzzhugger

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