Fuzzhugger Algal Blossom

Maker: Fuzzhugger

Model: Algal Blossom

Condition: New



The Algal Bloom stripped down to two knobs, one toggle. The same full, harmonically rich, wide-range fuzz is at its heart. Beautifully thick fuzz, to crunch, crust, and throaty fuzz roars! The Blossom has the V2 Choke toggle for a raunchier mode that goes from dying to crusty, to crunchy, to whiplash!

The Algal Bloom is known for its open tone and many chord-friendly settings, with fantastic definition and note-separation. A workhorse of a classicish, garagey, all-around capital F Fuzz.

The Controls!
Gain: Gain adjustment and clean-up! As you back it off, it cleans up your fuzz, also adding a hint of sputter and
fizzle. Hard right is full-on!
Bloom (Fuzz): Expands and pushes your fuzz tone, adding gain, sustain, and definition. Hard right is maxed out...a
unique, throaty, brash-yet-full tone! 12 o'clock is its "home setting," for thick fuzz tone!
Choke Toggle:  With the Bloom knob cranked, the Choke mode is a raunchier boosted fuzz...roll back slightly on
Bloom for a crunchy fuzz...roll back to around noon for dying and gated tones.
Level: Your master volume control.

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