Fuzzhugger Sonic Shroom (AB-Synth V3)

Maker: Fuzzhugger

Model: Sonic Shroom

Condition: New


Description:  The third version of the iconic AB-Synth, now renamed the Sonic Shroom.

Formerly the AB-Synth, the new Sonic Shroom expands on the best tones of its predecessor!
The Sonic Shroom is a harmonic-blasting, liquidy, layered fuzz--with controls that take you from smooth and  searing to splattery! From there, add a mind-altering second mode with wild oscillation, whale calls, blips, self- arpeggiation, more synth tones, and fat octave down! As wild as the oscillation can be, it's also musical...plus, you CAN play over it--the oscillation only kicks in when you're not playing, letting you sustain long notes until it devolved into feedback and blips...or letting little chirps and squeals jump in between the notes of your solos. The Sonic Shroom is a trip you need to take!
The Controls
· Right Footswitch: On/Off. 
· Left Footswitch: Activates Trip mode for oscillation 
· Trip/Voice: 
· In Fuzz mode, this knob adjusts VOICE...from full and thick to the left, to tighter and crunchier to the right!  
· In Trip mode, knob-left gives you lower pitched oscillation, and droning cackles. To the right, you'll get higher-pitched blips and squeals. (Dial in blips as you blips as you roll back the Fuzz knob). Not a typical left-to-right knob (adjust to your desired spot! Try full-left, full-right, then try in-between). 
· Fuzz: Increases gain and overdrive. From high-gain to higher, while increasing focus and sizzle! The last tiny turn of this knob compresses the fuzz for a splattier, over-fuzzed sound. 
· Oscillation: This is your main oscillation control, which is activated when you turn on Trip mode. It adjusts the oscillation being feed through the circuit, altering intensity and character of the oscillation.
Trip Mode (both footswitches on): 
· All knobs affect oscillation in this mode. 
· First-time users, start with your guitar’s Vol and Tone turned all the way up! 
· For weird synth bass tones: Roll back on your guitar's Vol knob! 
· For blips: Turn Voice knob toward the right...start with Fuzz knob turned full right, then start backing it  left. Blips of varying speeds! 
· Trip Mode requires passive pickups. Also, no buffered-bypass pedals in front of it.

    Type: Fuzz

    Vendor: Fuzzhugger

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