Fuzzhugger Sonic Bloom

Maker: Fuzzhugger

Model: Sonic Bloom

Condition: New


Description: FuzzHugger's party girl. High gain, very overdriven, densely clipped, modern fuzz. hints of snyth, subtler hints of octave add to the richness. The Sonic Bloom gracefully walks the line between smooth and rude. Wide-range tone controls deliver excellent flexibility and shaping.

Algal Bloom vs. Sonic Shroom?
The Sonic Shroom is higher gain, move overdriven, more modern, more tightly clipped.

Bloom increases gain and saturation. When cranked, the fuzz compresses and gets into splattery 
overfuzz territory.
Body Shifts a huge amount of lows in/out of your sound...but leaves your highs totally in tact. (Unlike 
Tone controls that make you choose either [bassy and dark] OR [bright and thin]). Body also adjusts 
High adjusts highs content, separate from Body. Set your lows and fuzziness where you want it, then 
adjust your highs.
- Gain toggle. It's in the name. Full-on high gain or a slightly-cleaned-up distortion.
- Clipping / Headroom toggle.

• True-bypass switching.
• Top-mounted jacks.
• 9v negative tip adapter power (No batteries.)
• Rugged aluminum enclosure (4.7" x 3.7")
• Lifetime Warranty.
• Handmade in the USA.

Type: Fuzz

Vendor: Fuzzhugger

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