Dr. Scientist BitQuest

Maker: Dr. Scientist 

Model: BitQuest

Condition: New 

Description:  The BitQuest is a simple multi-effect pedal, it has 8 digital effects that I think are cool and fun and interesting. The effects are a flanger, a pair of HP and LP filters, a bit crusher and sample rate reducer, an infinite reverb, a notch filter, a ring modulator, a pitch shifter, and a 1 second delay.You get 3 controls for the digital effects and 3 analog controls for mix, volume, and treble. The tone and volume knobs only work on the wet signal, your dry signal just passes on through a buffer and meets up at the output. You also get an expression input that takes over for CTRL1.

The BitQuest has 2 modes it can operate in, distorted or clean, selectable by the toggle. The mode changes what controls the effects have. In distorted mode, the patches are all oriented towards being used with a built in high gain digital distortion. One of the three digital controls becomes a gain control with a built-in noise gate. In clean mode the patches are oriented towards being used clean/dry so the gain knob (and on some patches a second knob) becomes an effect parameter control, giving you more power over the clean patches.

The BitQuest is in a 125B enclosure measuring about 4.5" by 2.5". The pedal is true bypass using a relay and soft touch switch. It needs 9VDC and about 60mA, no internal battery. It comes with a lifetime warranty.


Type: Multi-Effect

Vendor: Dr. Scientist

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