Dr. No Effects Skull Fuzz

Maker: Dr. No Effects

Model: Skull Fuzz

Condition: New



"Imagine Incredible Hell noise caused by the Devil sharpening his trident on a huge steam powered hone, rocketing heavy glowing metal shards that descend on a scorched landscape littered with skulls, a dark world where millions of moaning souls wander and scream of unsustainable Hell pain...."

This is a summary of how the Skull Fuzz sounds. It can't get more heavy than this.

Dr.No has literally been to hell and back, with as many skulls as he could carry.

These human skulls have a very complex circuit as brain, freshly torned out human eyes serve as Fuzz and Volume knob. The little switch on the side creates a short circuit in the brain for a variation in Fuzz. Runs with standard 9V center negative powersupply (not included).

 **Note: these are hand made so eye color/base plate colors may vary**

    Type: Fuzz

    Vendor: Dr.No

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