Dr. No Effects Holy Wahcamoly

Maker: Dr. No Effects

Model: Holy Wahcamoly

Condition: New



The Ultimate wah-wah Rocker pedal with:
• Hand wound “Myth Halo” inductor
• 100% Handmade in Eindhoven Rockcity
• Custom made Award Winning Graphics (Dieline Awards 2012)
• Silkscreened wooden box
• Power input DC 9Volts Negative Point 2.1mm Jack Balanced power supply (No One-Spot)
• Output capacitor switch 3 settings to for ultimate WahWah sweetness
• Heavy Duty Die Cast Housing with Powder Coated surface
• Vintage style Wah Pot
• Premium Components

Type: Wah Wah (foot rocker) pedal
Color: Green with 3d rubber feet mat and front logo, Back plate is hand silkscreened.
Functions: (Left) Out and DC power input, (Right) In, (Right) 3 position Capacitor change selector. (Down= Single coil “Strat” a-like, Up = Humbucker position, Middle = in between of position Up and Down.
Power Input: Use 9Volts DC power 2,1mm jack with negative point.
Battery function included but not preferred because of the damage to our environment.

Wah-wah’s are highly sensitive to poor current supply and unbalanced and non-isolated power supply. Never “daisy chain” your wah-wah with other effects on your board. Wah-wah’s contain highly sensitive electric components that can interfere with other high power gear such as Power “Bricks”. Never put your wah-wah near your high voltage power supply.


    Type: Wah

    Vendor: Dr.No

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