Daredevil Pedals Wolf Deluxe Fuzz

Maker: Daredevil Pedals

Model: Wolf Deluxe Fuzz

Condition: New


Description:  An original design Fuzz that is very warm, vintage, and has loads of sustain. The unique aspect of the Wolf is it's tonal character, slightly boxy, like a small vintage amp turned up all the way.

The toggle switch selects between a flatter EQ and one that has more scooped mids, more of the woody warmth and howl. You can get that great singing LP neck pickup tone while using your bridge pu and retain the cut and output.

Works great with P90's, single coils, Humbuckers.... you name it. Backing off the gain gives you a little dirt and the cool tonality but the ability to clean up great. All hand wired, true bypass.

    Type: Fuzz

    Vendor: Daredevil Pedals

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