Daredevil Pedals Logan Square Destroyer L.S.D.

Maker: Daredevil Pedals

Model: Logan Square Destroyer L.S.D.

Condition: New



The Logan Square Destroyer, a perfect blend of raw 60’s type fuzz and heavy modern doom. This is a very versatile pedal, the gain and level knobs interact to allow many different tonal options.

Rolling back the gain opens up the fuzz, this is where you can find some retro garage type sounds. Cranking it up will lead you to thick and destructive high gain fuzz.

Great for lower tunings, creamy sustain driven leads, or searing riffage. Big, Loud, Fuzzy. The LSD covers a lot of sonic ground while keeping things simple. Open wide, enjoy the ride. Hand wired, true bypass, 9V DC jack.

    Type: Fuzz

    Vendor: Daredevil Pedals

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