Cast Engineering Pulse Drive tremolo

Maker: Cast Engineering

Model: Pulse Drive tremolo

Condition: New


Description:  The PULSE DRIVE is our effort at creating THE best tremolo pedal possible. We took the most wonderful aspects of the best-loved and respected tremolo circuits/sounds from the records, studios, and stages of yesterday and combined them to create something we feel is truly special. This pedal contains the beautifully deep, rich, warm tube-like tremolo you've always wanted with a 3-knob control setup that offers rate, depth, and gain. Wanna know a secret
If you bury the rate and depth and crank the gain, you get a KILLER dirt pedal. But may not want everyone to know where you are getting that sweet od sound. ;)  
This pedal is for the true tremolo enthusiast who needs something that can stir their soul.

    Type: Tremolo

    Vendor: Cast Engineering

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